5th Wheel RV

What exactly is a 5th wheel rv? This is a recreational vehicle that isn't exactly a vehicle... it's a trailer. It has a handful of different names and can be called an RV trailer, a toy hauler, a travel trailer, camping trailer and a few other combinations, but the official designation is 5th wheel rv. This rv is not actually a vehicle since it does not have an engine and must be towed, so although the '5th wheel' designation makes sense, the 'rv' is questionable. But there you have it.

The 5th wheel rv is a very large travel trailer, the size of most rv's, and it has the 'overhang' part in front that hangs over your truck box and is mounted with a swivel mount on the bed of the truck box; the swivel mount is the item that gives any large trailer the '5th wheel' designation since they are supported on 4 wheels and this swivel mount looks like a 5th, sideways wheel. This is a very heavy trailer, heavy enough to need two pairs of wheels on each side to support it, and will need a larger, stronger truck model to tow it.

The overhang part at the front contains usually a queen bed, though it is not high enough to stand up in. In a very basic smaller model there will be another large bed, usually a fold-out bed of some kind, either in the living room area or the kitchen, and there is usually a bench or seat that can be converted to a single bed. Even the smallest 5th wheel rv will sleep 5 people comfortably. For larger 5th wheel rv's, you'll find many more beds, some have multiple bunk beds also and will sleep 8 or more people comfortably.

This large travel trailer contains all the luxuries of a motorhome: it will usually have at least one slide-out compartment and larger ones will have 3 or 4, to increase different room areas and to provide more storage space, and will have a kitchen with refrigerator and freezer, a bathroom with shower and often full bath, a dining area, heater and air conditioning, many have an entertainment unit, and most will have an awning for the outside sitting area.

The 5th wheel rv is a large unit, meant for those who want to travel long distances but carry 'home' behind them along the way.